​The Conservative Wing of the Republican Party!​​
The Conservative Wing of the Republican Party!​​​

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Clawson 4th of July Festival

Over 90 degrees but representing Republicans in Clawson!

County Commissioner  Wade Fleming

Matt Ulbrich with a selfie!

MIRA monthly meeting 6/14/18

John James

Our next US Senator!

Tonya Schuitmaker

MIRA monthly meeting 5/10/18

 Candius Stearns Candidate for US Congress - 9th District

11th CDRC Chairman Deb O'Hagan gave an update on what is happening over the coming weeks as we prepare for election season

MIRA President Barbara Harrell provided a report on the role of Precinct Delegate after the filing deadline on Tuesday.

Sen. Pat Colbeck - Candidate for Governor

Sen. Mike Kowall - Candidate for US Congress 11th Dist.

Joseph Guzman - Candidate for Secretary of State

MIRA monthly meeting 4/12/18

MIRA monthly meeting 3/8/18 with Mike Mears and Linda Lee Tarver

MIRA monthly meeting 2/8/18 with NFRA VP Sharon Ford; SOS Cand. Mary Treder Lang; 11th Dist. Cand. Rocky Razckowski


CPAC's Matt Schlapp

NFRA Convention - Phoenix in October 2017

NFRA Pres.
Willes Lee

Johnnie Morgan

2017 MIRA Corn Roast

Dr. Larry Arnn
Pres. Hillsdale College

2017 Troy Daze - MIRA Booth with Sen. Marty Knollenberg