​The Conservative Wing of the Republican Party!​​
The Republican Wing of the Republican Party!​​​

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     The Michigan Republican Assembly (MIRA) is a member of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), and chartered in 2017. (Formerly, we were the "Troy-Clawson Republican Forum" which was founded on conservative principles in 2003). The MIRA works to unite both fiscal and social conservatives, whose interests range from tax cuts and national defense; pro-life to educational concerns; Second Amendment rights to national sovereignty; and traditional conservative values.
     The NFRA was founded over 80 years ago by Republican leaders concerned about the liberal push to separate the Republican Party from conservative principles. We are the Republican wing of the Republican Party, the home of the Frederick Douglass Republicans, and according to President Ronald Reagan, "The conscience of the Republican Party". Due to being founded in 1934, some have called NFRA the Tea Party before there was a Tea Party. We support true, full-spectrum, Republican candidates, and can endorse in primaries.
     Our intent is to reclaim the Republican Party for conservatives, reform the Party back to its conservative values, and restore faith in the GOP. Our goal is to recruit committed conservative Republicans to become involved in the GOP, earn and assume leadership positions in it, and hold elected public office.